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Brazing and Soldering

Both brazing and soldering are common methods of joining metals, with uses in various industrial applications. This program covers the array of common brazing and soldering methods, including torch brazing, batch furnace brazing, continuous furnace brazing, dip brazing, induction brazing, iron soldering, and wave soldering.

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Leaning the Supply Chain

Andrew Feller, Director of Supply Chain Services, KinetX, Inc. speaks of the rapid improvement of operations across the supply chain and shows how these improvements can be enabled by structured mapping of processes across organizational boundaries. Two alternatives are presented for enabling a structured process to identify and more seamlessly connect the information, material, and resource flows that must occur across the supply chain. One study is useful in continuous improvement projects, the other for the green-field design of a new supply chain.

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The Power of Small Ideas

Despite the attraction of big and dramatic ideas, this Power of Small Ideas program demonstrates why it is much smarter to go after small ones. It is impossible to achieve excellence in many aspects of performance - such as productivity, quality, responsiveness, customer service and safety - without getting the little things right. Furthermore, because big ideas are usually highly visible, rivals often quickly counter them. But small ideas tend to remain proprietary. Large numbers of them accumulate into a significant cushion of sustainable competitive advantage. This program is part of an 8 program series based on the book “Ideas Are Free”, and will show you how to unlock the tremendous potential in your lean initiative by tapping into the ideas of your front-line employees. Authors and presenters, Dr. Alan Robinson and Dr. Dean Schroeder studied more than 150 organizations in 17 countries to discover what worked, what didn’t, and why when it comes to promoting ideas.

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Structural DNA

This Structural DNA program begins by highlighting the four stages of nanotechnology: static nanostructures, active nanodevices, nanomachines and simple nanosystems, and productive nanosystems. This foundation provides the context to explore the four primary approaches to building productive nanosystems. Two are top-down approaches: Diamondoid Mechanosynthesis, and Patterned Atomic Layer Epitaxy, and two are bottom-up approaches: Bis-peptide Synthesis, and Structural DNA. Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series, in this program viewers will then be introduced to researchers at Nanorex, Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI, and Duke University, Durham, NC. They'll discover how these researchers are harnessing the structural and informational components of DNA to develop methods of altering molecules under programmable control to generate self-replicating productive nanosystems.

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Contact Angle and Bearing Selection for High SpeedGrease Lubricated Spindles

Contact Angle & Bearing Selection for High Speed, Grease Lubricated Spindles

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Fastening and Assembly

This Fastening and Assembly program focuses on the primary fasteners and assembly processes used and includes sections on mechanical fastening, adhesive bonding, and automated assembly.

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Lean Manufacturing at Miller SQA

This Lean Manufacturing at Miller SQA program examines the lean manufacturing principles at an office furniture company called Miller SQA. Miller SQA has applied lean principles in a mass customization market to give their customers exactly the furniture they need when they need it. Continuous improvement is encouraged by presenting the benefits to all employees through "lean events". These lean events allow different people from all parts of the company to examine the work area and make suggestions. In addition, a pull production control system maintains inventory levels at the assembly area so no more than 2 hours worth of parts are ever in the work cell ready to be assembled. One-piece-flow, cellular manufacturing, and strong visual controls are integrated into a sophisticated information technology system to help reach the company goal of 100% on time shipment of customer orders.

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Flexible Material Handling

This program examines the strategy used in selection and operation of four different flexible material handling systems. These systems are designed to accommodate mass customization of production and be cost effective in operation.

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Lean Manufacturing In a Small Shop

Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop takes you inside a corporation to see the processes they took to reduce the time it takes to manufacture new machines.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Gears and Gear Manufacturing

This program introduces many primary gear terms and definitions, including involute curve, base circle, pitch circle, pitch point, line of action, outside circle, root circle, and many others. Also featured are the various gear forms, functions, axis positions, and gear machining and finishing processes.

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