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Benchmarking Manufacturing Processes - Program Ref

Used in conjunction with the Benchmarking Manufacturing Processes Video Program.

Product Type: eBooks

Strategic Project Management (eBook)

Strategic Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Planning, Decision Making, and Implementation examines and documents methods for developing and employing critical project management skills. The emphasis is on providing both novice and seasoned project managers with insight into real-world, practical applications. The techniques are proven, the approach sound, and the results measurable and significant. Case studies presented in the book illustrate the application of various project management strategic and tactical tools.

Product Type: eBooks

Stereolithography and Other RPandM Technologies (eBook)

apid prototyping can cut weeks and even months out of new product development. Whether you are a designer a mechanical or manufacturing engineer, member of a concurrent engineering team, a manager, or manufacturing educator, this book will quickly be...

Product Type: eBooks


This is the Instructor’s Guide, which complements Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, Third Edition.

Product Type: eBooks

Working with Cellulosic (eBook)

This booklet fully illustrated with diagrams and property charts, introduces the non-scientist to the mainstream world of cellulosic plastics manufacturing. This easy to read publication provides information on the cellulosic plastic family's c...

Product Type: eBooks

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (eBook)

This turn-key technology source provides an introduction to rapid prototyping and manufacturing (RPandM) with an emphasis on stereolithography which represents the majority of all rapid prototyping systems currently in place. The content is bas...

Product Type: eBooks

Liquid Paint Finishing Defects (eBook)

Featuring easy-to-understand text and illustrations this book helps you quickly identify and fix 31 common finishing defects. This reference book describes the causes, prevention and also suggests cures for the defects. The defects include: Adh...

Product Type: eBooks

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Third Edition Solutions Manual

This free downloadable PDF includes step-by-step solutions to the problems at the end of Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition.

Product Type: eBooks

Successful Assembly Automation (eBook)

Successful Assembly Automation includes advice from experienced automation engineers on important things to do--or not to do--in the development and implementation of an automated assembly project. You'll learn how equi...

Product Type: eBooks

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Third Edition (eBook)

This book is a valuable resource for anyone with limited manufacturing experience and training. It also provides a structured review of the fundamentals of manufacturing for individuals planning to take the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) or Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) certification exams.

Product Type: eBooks

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